Continuous monitoring using APM

I am exploring elastic APM to use it to monitor an application.
I am having one query,
Can we use Elastic APM to monitor the application continuously after a regular time interval? Suppose, every 20 sec the APM agent has to fetch all the related metric set for continuous monitoring of the application, i.e. it will monitor the application continuously like a robot. Here I am not talking about monitoring the application when any end user access the application.
Any help will be appreciable.

Hi @ksaha,

I think the answer will depend on which programming language and which APM Agent you use. This is definitely not something that we primarily design the APM Agents for (this is probably more like a Beats use-case), but I know that for example in .NET you could easily have a setup where the .NET Agent does not capture anything, except metrics (CPU, Memory, GC). There is also a setting to set the metrics capturing frequency.

So, please let us know what technology you use - in case it's .NET I'm happy to elaborate.

Thank you @GregKalapos for your reply.
We have few applications to be monitored, as of now I don't have all the technologies which are being used. The application which I want to monitor now is a Spring Boot Application.
Actually our requirement is "Synthetic Monitoring". We have to apply Synthetic Monitoring to monitor the applications. In a blog I read the below things about Synthetic Monitoring,
"Synthetic monitoring works by issuing automated, simulated transactions from a robot client to your application in order to mimic what a typical user might do".

@GregKalapos as you mentioned in .NET we can have these continuous monitoring feature, in official documentation of Elastic APM it is mentioned that Elastic APM has agent for Go, Java, .NET, Node.js, Python, Ruby, JavaScript RUM, so among these do we have continuous monitoring feature for .NET only or for other technologies also?


@ksaha Synthetic Monitoring is different - APM Agents will capture data when something happens in the app, or they can also capture metrics periodically, but they won't issue automated requests or anything similar.

I'll ping someone with more knowledge on synthetic monitoring.

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