Controlling harvester settings on kubernetes autodiscovery

I'm wanting to set the following settings on my kubernetes log file ingestion:

close_inactive: 10s
harvester_limit: 10

However, I can't work out where to put them as the documentation only covers them on on the log input, which I don't have (here is my config):

    logging.level: error
    filebeat.registry_flush: 2s
    filebeat.overwrite_pipelines: true
        path: ${path.config}/modules.d/*.yml
        reload.enabled: false

        - type: kubernetes
          hints.enabled: true

Reading the options for templates that looks like I might be able to override the log provider, but only on specific conditions - I want them all?

Please could someone give me a hand as I'm trying to throttle filebeat a bit during extremely busy spikes

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