Conversion two string to date

(Ahmed Charafouddine) #1

Hello everyone,

Having two cords:
date = 201808612
hour = 1234
is there a way to replace it with the @timestamp with the logstash date module.


(Colton) #2

Are you saying that you want to have the date and hour be used as @timestamp?
Also, is the hour field the time of day?

(Ahmed Charafouddine) #3

I am in the situation where I have a field named date (string) and time (string) and I wanted to replace it with the @timpstamp

(Colton) #4

Well I think you have two options here.

  1. You could modify the groks so that the date and time fields are parsed out as a single string. Then you would use the date plugin which replaces it as the @timestamp.
  2. You could use the mutate to add a field which combines the two fields into a single field called datetime. Then you would use the newly created field and the date plugin to replace it as the @timestamp.

Here are some useful links:

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