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Hi. I have a long string divided with semicolon that I successfully have divided into several DATA fields, but I can't solve this problem.
One of the DATA fields contains this 812.50.00. I need to get that DATA converted into a number, but don't know how. I have tried to use convert, but I think one of the problems is that it contains two dots.

Anyone who can help?

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What did you use to divide the string? In LS or Ingest node you could do some processing to remove the dots and then convert to a number.


Hi Steffens
I used filebeat to get the data from the CSV file to elastic.
I have now solved the problem this way, but any idea to do it better will be appreciated.
In the pipeline in elastic I have now done so that if the import of data fails, it will set the field value to a fixed number. It works, but the numbers will not be totally correct.

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