Convert HashMap to Json in Logstash

I am using Logstash in which the input is kafka topic. Through java code we are pushing the HashMap to the topic. According to my requirements, I can't convert the HashMap to json string on my java code side. The example of HashMap is

[event:[logLevel:INFO, description:This is the test description, className:ClassName, eventType:EVENT_TEST, message:[key1:value1, key2:value2, key3:value3, key4:value4], timestamp:Mon Feb 20 20:36:33 GMT 2017]]

I want to convert this HashMap to json string in filter block as shown below

{"event":{"message":{"key4":"value4","key3":"value3","key2":"value2","key1":"value1"},"timestamp":"Mon Feb 20 18:56:32 IST 2017","logLevel":"INFO","description":"This is the test description","className":"HomePageController","eventType":"EVENT_TEST"}}

I am new to Logstash and I am not able to find which input type to use in my logstash config input and what filter to use filter to use or do I need to write my own filter?

You'd have to write something on your own. The correct solution is of course to change the source application to emit something sensible.

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