Convert_timezone alternative in Filebeat 7.3.0

In Filebeat 7.3.0 the way timezone conversion is applied is different. Now, you have to use processors to add, remove or change the "event.timezone" variable. Now, I can't get it to work, at least with the panw module. It seems that the ingest processor refuses to overwrite the date values.

If I don't do anything, event.timezone gets the value -02:00, and all the timestamps are added 2 hours

If I add in filebeat.yml:


  • add_fields:
    target: "event"
    timezone: "UTC"

event.timezone is changed to "UTC", but the timestamps are still 2 hours ahead.

I've been playing with the elasticsearch ingest pipeline, It seems that it is unable to overwrite the timestamp:
In "_ingest/pipeline/filebeat-7.3.0-panw-panos-pipeline", If I add the target_field:
"date" : {
"formats" : [
"timezone" : "{{ event.timezone }}",
"on_failure" : [
"append" : {
"value" : "{{ _ingest.on_failure_message }}",
"field" : "error.message"
"if" : "ctx.event.timezone != null",
"field" : "@timestamp"
"target_field" : "AAAAAAAA"

The AAAAAAAA field is added, and the value is correct.

But if I remove the target_field, meaning it should overwrite "@timestamp" in this case, It does not work.
The same happens with the other date fields, If target_field is a new field, It gets added and the value is correct, but If not, It can not overwrite the same field.

Is there something missing?

Could you please format your configuration using </>?

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