Converting ISO8601 to date

Hi, i have a date converting problem. I have logs in this format:
And I parse logs timestamp by grok as TIMESTAMP_ISO8601. And it works perfectly: log parses and fields adds. But i'm tring to extract date using 2 ways but it doesn't work.
i used the following config:

ruby {
			 code => event['[@metadata][date]'] = event['timestamp_log'].strftime('%Y.%m.%d')

aloso i tried with :

date {
match => [ "timestamp_log", "ddMMYYYY" ]

If you use a date filter on the field containing "2018-04-12T18:20:13+02:00" and use the target option to not overwrite the @timestamp field you'll end up with a field containing a timestamp value where strftime will work. Extracting a string with grok will just produce a string.

thanks for answering, i solve probleme using a ruby filter.

 ruby 	{
    		code => "
    		      date= event.get('timestamp_log');
   			      date= DateTime.strptime(date).to_time.localtime.strftime ('%Y%m%d');

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