Copy and ship logs with Filebeat

I wanted to know if there is any option with Filebeat or another tool that creates a copy of the logs and ships them to Elasticsearch instead of only shipping them because we need the logs to stay in the cluster and also be seen in Kibana. We have a cluster with applications (where the logs are) and other cluster with ELK stack.

Hi @biandopa Welcome to the community.

Apologies, it's not quite clear what you're asking.

Are you saying you have for example kubernetes cluster with application logs and you want to ship them to elasticsearch and also leave them on the kubernetes cluster?

If so filebeat can ship those logs to elasticsearch but it does not erase them. It just reads them to ship the logs and leaves the original logs where they are, it does not erase them.

Or are you asking something different? example like you want to ship the logs to more than one destination?

Let us know what you're trying to accomplish in a little more detail and perhaps we can help.

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