Could not create the CloudFormation stack request

Hi, There

We're trying to use functionbeat to add cloudwatch log into Elasticsearch.

And it always gave this error 'Could not create the CloudFormation stack request'.
This page mentioned that it's caused by region setting. But I double checked the setting of aws configure, and the region match to the one where our cloudwatch log is.

Can someone please help me out? Where else I can check with the region setting mentioned in this page? Thx in advance.


could you please check if there is anything in the CloudFormation deployment logs? I would still assume it's a matter of misconfigured region somewhere.

Hi, Macin

Thx for your attention. Currently I have the logs when run ./functionbeat -v -e -d "*" deploy cloudwatch, as show in the screenshot. Could you please help take a look at it first? I will try to grab more details from cloudformation. Thx.

And I referred this page to setup IAM role, and also update functionbeat.yml to use this role to deploy.

Hi Macin
I am also trying to deploy directly in aws console. May I know the path of below files? Thx.

Uploading file 'functionbeat-deployment/cloudwatch/p9qMMz9BKEGi4BlG0_l0EWDywT-ck5qnyK2KzFERgZA/'

2022-01-27T01:03:24.307Z DEBUG [aws] aws/op_upload_to_bucket.go:44 Uploading file 'functionbeat-deployment/cloudwatch/k_dh4vDxhxBgB0P-5EOx1ElRHo4ndV33DITNJ3m9eRA/cloudformation-template-create.json'

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