Crawling Microsoft Stream Videos Site Issue

Hello Team,

I am trying to crawl the Microsoft Streams site in Enterprise Search. But getting below error.

Please help me to crawl the password-protected URL below to crawl videos.

Microsoft Stream

hi @itsraj :

App Search Crawler cannot be used to crawl OAuth2 authenticated sites like the one you're describing.

Crawler supports HTTP Authentication and using a HTTP proxy. If you can setup the Microsoft Streams site to use HTTP authentication or it can be accessed via a proxy, you might use these Crawler features to retrieve content from it.

Hope that helps!

Hey @Carlos_D, is it possible to use it as a Custom API Content source in Workplace Search?

It is one of the requirements we got from one of the clients. Please let me know the possible options for it.

is it possible to use it as a Custom API Content source in Workplace Search?

Yes, you could build a Custom API Content source or use a custom connector package.

Keep in mind that:

  • You will need to develop authentication and retrieval of documents from the Microsoft Stream Videos
  • You need to ingest those documents into Workplace Search via the Custom Sources Indexing API or using the custom connectors package.
  • Data will be available in Workplace Search, not App Search.

If that meets your requirements, then you can try that route.

Please review the known limitations before going the custom connectors route.

is there any documentation for it? can you please help with it?

Sure! I have shared the docs links in the previous post.

I can help with specific issues you might have, but can't engage on a full solution discovery. I recommend going through the documentation, check what option works best for your use case, and try to build a proof of concept using that.

Keep in mind that you will need programmatic access to Microsoft Stream Videos site in order to automatically ingest content from it; that should be your first step in order to check the viability of the approach.

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