Create a new field (customdate) like yyyy-mm(2020-08) format from eventstamp(1597739955692) type Epoch

I want to create a new field with a year-month format (yyyy-mm, 2020-08) from the eventstamp field which I am receiving in Epoch format. I am new to logstash, I was able to add a new field but I don't know how to covert the epoch to custom date format.

 add_field => {
            "customdate" => "%{timestamp}"

Appreciate your help in advance. Thank you.

I would do that using

    date { match => [ "eventstamp", "UNIX_MS" ] target => "[@metadata][timestamp]" }
    ruby { code => ' event.set("customdate","[@metadata][timestamp]").to_f).strftime("%Y/%m")) ' }

@Badger Thanks, it worked and I was able to convert the date format as well.

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