Create a report showing the count of different services calling an end point:

Hi, I'd appreciate some help/guidance with the following scenario:

Let's say I have a Login service with an endpoint called /login. This endpoint gets called by Service A and Service B. I'm suddenly noticing that /login is called a lot more. Let's say the token caching was broken on one of the Services and I'd like to identify which API is broken. The following report would help identify which one:

END Point | Calling Service | Number of times the service called the End Point
/Login | Service A | 5
/Login. | Service B. |.10000

This report could be modified to display a service's top 10 busiest endpoints. You could then drill down into the endpoint and display which service is suddenly calling that endpoint so much.

This is one piece of functionality that I miss from Dyntrace. We used this to solve several issues on our APIs. From what I could see, they injected the calling Api's service name/ url into the header when calls were made.

I suspect you could use the trace ID to find the previous step and get the service name, but this seems very expensive.

Is there any other way to do this?