Create arrays in Logstash

Hello guys.

Dont know if it is possible, but i would like to create an array in my logstash to use in an if statement. ill give an example for you to understand me.

Giving a random "log to be processed" as example:

Timestamp: 2021-01-26T15:01:38.724Z

i would like to create an array of users for which i would like to add a department to the logs.
My idea would be something like this:

    NewArrayFinance => [ {},{},{} ]

    filter {

        if [user][id] in  [NewArrayFinace] {
            add_field => {"Department" => "Finance"}

Later i will also create other "else if's" for other departments. Or maybe you have a easier way to do it.
Thank you alot for your time.

Is this an actual log line? Why are the strings encapsulated in curly braces if it is a list?

this is actually not a log line. This is like an "example" of an array that i would like to create, with a list of "finance users". i know the brackets are wrong. And i dont even know if it is possible to create an array for me to use in the "if statement". thank you for your answer.

You cannot use a variable like that, but you can do

if [user][id] in  [ "", "", "" ] {

to do an array membership test.

very grateful for your answer and id does actually work, i've tried this already before. That is actually the way that i am using. But my idea was to creat something like "some arrays in the beginning of the file, and call them later". Maybe that's not possible, i dont know. Just wanted it to be like, more organized.

Thank you so much anyways :slight_smile:

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