Create custom API Key for Enterprise Search/App Search in ECK through Kubernetes resource

I have been following official documentation for Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes and have successfully setup Operator, Elasticsearch and Enterprise Search (v7.10.0) on premise Kubernetes cluster.

I´m now ready to start consuming the App Search REST API from my Java applications and to do that I need to authenticate the calls with API Key.

Question: is it possible to create custom App Search API Key by configuring Kubernetes resource? For example in the same way as for the Elasticsearch File Realm?

I know that I can create and obtain API Keys by using App Search Web UI and Credentials REST API, but I would like to do this through Kubernetes as part of the ECK installations/configuration. Reasoning behind this is that we got 4 different environments and we want to automate API Key creation as part of the initial ECK installation.

Currently it seems that we are required to manage API Keys through Web UI, at least till the Private Admin Key is generated. Then we can use the Admin Key to create new Private API Keys through REST API. And this does not support our automated approach.

It's easier to get help if threads are not duplicated, so I'm going to close this in favour of Create new or obtain default private-api-key, as it's more of an App Search question than an ECK one :slight_smile: