Create fields by splitting a log

Hi ,

I have configure logstash to read my log file which gives me below input. Now I want to split the message and create a field for each comma separated values against each. Tried to use mutate in my logstash.conf file however it did not work.

Log snippet (This is a single line)
03-Mar-2020 18:05:26,922 DEBUG [com.alu.cna.cloudmgmt.util.jms.JMSMessageHandler] (Message_Handler_Pool_Thread_1) message body: {"userName":null,"enterpriseName":null,"type":"DELETE","entityType":"alarm","entityVersion":null,"assoicatedEvent":true,"eventReceivedTime":1583238926914,"entities":[{"children":null,"parentType":"nsgateway","entityScope":"ENTERPRISE","embeddedMetadata":null,"lastUpdatedBy":"43f8868f-4bc1-472c-9d19-533dcfcb1ee0","lastUpdatedDate":1583238691000,"creationDate":1583238691000,"reason":"NSG:test NSG-C601-SIM(SystemID: - All configured NTP servers are unreachable.","description":"NSG:testNSG-C601-SIM(SystemID: - All configured NTP servers are unreachable.","acknowledged":false,"numberOfOccurances":1,"severity":"MAJOR","errorCondition":70002,"remedy":"Check the configured NTP servers.","owner":"43f8868f-4bc1-472c-9d19-533dcfcb1ee0","ID":"6b61d4ab-1eb0-4c4b-91d9-35b5437d87ac","parentID":"fe1b5d5d-3a7f-4e33-bbcb-81bfcf70f27a","externalID":null,"title":"No NTP Server Connection","timestamp":1583238691763,"targetObject":"nsgateway","alarmedObjectID":"fe1b5d5d-3a7f-4e33-bbcb-81bfcf70f27a","enterpriseID":"ff9dd969-5dd7-45e8-8afe-4f6215be462e"}],"diffMap":null,"associatedEntityType":null,"addedAssociations":null,"deletedAssociations":null,"ignoreDiffInMediationEvents":false,"updateMechanism":"DEFAULT","requestID":null,"sourceEnterpriseID":"ff9dd969-5dd7-45e8-8afe-4f6215be462e"}

cat /etc/logstash/conf.d/logstash.conf
input {
file {
path => "/opt/jmsclient/log/jmsclient.log"
filter {
mutate {
split => { "userName" => "," }
split => { "enterpriseName" => "," }
split => { "type" => "," }
split => { "entityType" => "," }
split => { "entityVersion" => "," }
split => { "assoicatedEvent" => "," }
split => { "eventReceivedTime" => "," }
split => { "entities" => "," }
split => { "parentType" => "," }
split => { "entityScope" => "," }
split => { "lastUpdatedBy" => "," }
split => { "lastUpdatedDate" => "," }
split => { "creationDate" => "," }
split => { "name" => "," }
split => { "reason" => "," }
split => { "description" => "," }
output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => ""

Can some one please help here?? I am in urgent need.

Read this and specifically the "Also be patient" part.

It's fine to answer on your own thread after 2 or 3 days (not including weekends) if you don't have an answer.

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Please update your post.

I would use dissect to parse the beginning of the line, something like this. Then use a json filter to parse the rest of the line.

Thanks for your reply, Yes this was my first post over the discuss. I will try and be more sensible next time. Also will try out your suggestions.

Thanks @Badger I will try your suggestions too. However if you look at the message the second half is already in a JSON format. I tried to use JSON filter however it did not parse anything.

A json filter will not trim off random text before or after JSON. You have to do that.

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