Create fields when a word followed by ':'

What I am trying to do is , if the unformatted text is like

updating demand record with key:202107231924440412212356|current demand quantity:1|quantity getting reduced:1|shipmentno:170801380

then I want to create field like key,quantity, shipmentno. I don't want to predefine the fields. This will help me to run stats on some unformatted logs for a specific field, lets say 'shipmentno'

You could try something like

dissect { mapping => { "message" => "updating demand record with %{[@metadata][restOfLine]" } }
kv { field_split => "|" value_split => ":" }

Actually the string might change. As an example lets say,

1st String is: Creating ShipmentNo:1234
2nd string is: Processing ShipmentNo:1234
3rd string can be : Reducing demand for ShipmentNo:1234 and reduced Quantity:2

In all the above cases, I want a ShipmentNo field getting populated. I can't predefine what will be the format of the string or what are the fields expected. All I want to declare is, if logstash finds a ':' operator, then the word appears before ':' needs to be the field name and word follows the ':' needs to be the value.

OK, I would use ruby for that. Something like this. You would not need to grok, just the ruby filter and

m = event.get("message").scan(/(\w+):(\w+)/)

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