Create full single log file in one message event through filebeat?

(Zain ul Abidin Khan) #1

By default, Filebeat parse log files line by line and create message events after every new line. Is there any way i can have whole log file in one message event instead of chunks in elastic search.

(Christian Stockhaus) #2

the use case is not something i would recommend but you can use the multiline option on the prospector with a very high setting for multiline.max_lines

you would have to search a regex that is never the beginning of a line... that will be the hard part

you could try something like
multiline.pattern: '^.'
multiline.negate: false
multiline.match: after
multiline.max_lines: 1000000

(Zain ul Abidin Khan) #3

Thanks, this one works for me.

(system) #4

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