Create index fails using 'PUT' over Java's HttpURLConnection

Not anything I'm aware of but if you share a complete project I can hopefully find some spare time to try it.

I'm putting Tomcat on the back burner for now, as it simply doesn't seem to work for me, and instead try creating a node.js server to communicate with the Elasticsearch server on 9200.

Any links/tips/examples using node.js will be appreciated David.


I've been having success using node.js and the node.js client for Elasticsearch.

Most if not all the API calls return a "body" object.

QUESTION: how do I learn how to parse the body objects returned? Can you provide some links to documentation on this subject? I can see in the response that Elastic returns these objects, but so far I'm having to guess how to work with them.

May be this could help?

Thanks again David.

Is there a simple, working example of autocomplete using calls in Kibana?

I found one promising example in a search, but it doesn't work, and I can't find others.

Should I open a new topic on this?

Yes. That'd be better.

I'll do that.

This topic then can be closed if that seems appropriate, and again thanks for all your help.

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