Create multiple APM indexes, one per app

Hi all,

This afternoon I have been experimenting with Elastic + Kibana + APM server. I've successfully configured two Python apps an explored results for some time.

After that I wanted to know how this data is being distributed trough elasticsearch indexes. It seems that all apps info is stored in the same index.

I have tried to change index name and pattern in order to create groups of indexes for each app. Is it possible? Could you please provide some examples, I didn't find any guide in the official docs.

If those indexes cannot be separated by app, is it possible to restrict access for each app metrics to different users?

Thank you!

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Have a look at Storing APM data in custom/specific indices :slight_smile:

Thanks! It looks promising, I'll try it tomorrow morning!

I assume that I'll have to uncomment the following lines regarding to index templating. "apm-server"
setup.template.pattern: "apm-*"

Thanks again

I can't answer that one sorry, don't know the details of it.

If you follow the configuration in the post Mark linked to, then you should not need to change setup.template.*. You would only need to change those if the index prefix changes. In the linked topic, it remains the same as the default ("apm-%{[observer.version]}-")

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Ahh just like Beats! :smiley:

It worked!

Thank you all,

BTW, no need to change templates as you said.


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