Create multiple Elasticsearch clusters in same K8s namespace using Helm


I'm trying to create multiple Elasticsearch clusters in the same Kubernetes namespace using the official Helm chart ( However, when I run the helm command for one cluster instance, using a different values.yaml file, and then run another helm command for the other cluster, I only end up with the second cluster.

Example commands:
helm upgrade --install elasticsearch elastic/elasticsearch -f cluster-1-values.yaml --version 7.7.0 --namespace namespace-name
helm upgrade --install elasticsearch elastic/elasticsearch -f cluster-2-values.yaml --version 7.7.0 --namespace namespace-name

I've had a look at the various config variables and I couldn't find anything that would allow/deny having multiple clusters in a single namespace.

I've double-checked each yaml file and they have different cluster names so they should be unique.

Any ideas?

You are posting this in the forum for Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) which is the k8s operator for the Elastic Stack not the Helm chart.

But judging from your example commands it seems your using in both cases the same (release) name elasticsearch for both, which would explain why you end up with just one Elasticsearch cluster in the end.

Ah sorry about the wrong location. I followed the link that was on the helm chart repository when selecting "Question" as the type of issue to raise.

D'Oh I knew I must've been doing something silly like that. Thanks :slight_smile: