Create Multiple Secret Tokens

Is it possible to create multiple secret tokens for authentication? Ideally we would like a different secret token per service we are using the APM Node.js Agent in

Thanks, Matthew

Hi @Matthew_Petrie,
this is not possible, as the APM Server only supports one configured secret_token. You might be interested in following along with ongoing efforts to integrate with Elasticsearch API Keys for communication between APM Agents and Server.

@simitt Thanks for this.

Does the secret_token only allow the writing of data related to APM? i.e. no one can use it to update pre-existing data / read data

@Matthew_Petrie the secret token is only usable with the APM Server, so you can only use it for writing data to APM indices (transactions, spans, etc.), and querying APM agent config. You can't use it to read/write any non-APM related data.


@axw thanks very much! :slight_smile:

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