Creating a custom pattern(regx problem)

(W0lverine) #1

I am trying to parse a log to only recongize nubmers but the regex, though, it is a valid regex I am still getting a compile error. For example:
Custom pattern:
(?([0,1,2,3]) for:

[Priority: 0]


Compile ERROR

I am new to regex first of all, but I have searched and searched and have yet come up with a solution of why this simple regx expression is getting a compile error, maybe it has to do with the fact logstash uses oniguruma regex?

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

Your expression appears to open two parentheses but only closes one.

What is [0,1,2,3] supposed to mean? I suspect you actually mean [0123] or [0-3].

(system) #3

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