Creating a temporary variable in logstash

As I experiment with logstash, I have tried to create temporary variables to hold data that I hope to later use to use in an add_field statement. However, I often see configuration errors when I try to do this.

How does one create temporary variables in logstash? Not new tags or fields, but just temporary variables?


Variables that persist between events? There's no "official" way to do that from the Logstash configuration language. It either needs to be explicitly implemented in a plugin or I think you can use a ruby filter like this:

ruby {
  init => "@counter = 0"
  code => "
    @counter += 1
    event.set('message_count', @counter)

Thank you for your rapid response. No, I'm not thinking about persistent variables, just variables that I can use during the processing of a single event.

Oh. Then you can store them as subfields to @metadata. They work like regular fields except they won't be passed on to outputs.


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