Creating Multiple Line Charts(beginner)

I am new to Kibana and trying to create a multiple line graph. My data set looks like this

2015-07-10,2015-07-13,"lejlighed 40 s",travels,"Room Only",284.0586
2015-07-10,2015-07-13,"lejlighed 20 s",travels,"Room Only",345.0552
2015-07-03,2015-07-06,"lejlighed 61 s",feries,"Room Only",328.68
2015-07-03,2015-07-06,"lejlighed 25 s",mybookings,"Room Only",154.5362

The graph is CHK_IN_DATE vs PRICE. And I need a separate line for each SOURCE_SITE_C. is it possible in Kibana 4 ?
Thank You.

You can get something close to what you describe.

  1. In Visualize, select Line Chart
  2. For Y-Axis, select "Average", then select PRICE -- note, you can't plot the exact prices, it has to be some bucketing function
  3. In X-Axis, select "Date Histogram", then select CHK_IN_DATE
  4. Then select "Add Sub-Buckets", select "Split Lines", select "Terms", select "SOURCE_SITE_C"

You should get something similar to the screenshot below.

If your graph ends up being too messy with more lines than you expected, switch the order of steps 3 and 4 (or just use the arrow keys to switch the order of operations, see this blog for explanation)


Hi Tanya,
Thank you very much, It worked.