Creating own beat with no GIT access

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Hi all,

A newbe to elastic, so pardon my lack of knowledge :wink:
My goal is to create more beats to metricbeat to gather more data. The whole infra I have (even development servers) is behind a firewall. I won't have access to any GIT repo from it.

In the documentation I see that first you need to download the beats to build from But later on I see GIT is also used.

If I download manually the proper version of beats from the github repo and drop it on my server, will this be sufficent to follow the instructions later on? Or will I need GIT connection further on anyway? If not, is there any way to do it without GIT access?

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

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Hi @TheUndertaker and welcome :slight_smile:

Beats development tools are thought to be run directly in developer computers, without taking into account the kind of network restrictions that can be present in production systems. Apart of the git connections, some scripts also install python dependencies into virtual environments, what will also require external connections.

I recommend you to develop in your own computer and then build and deploy the binaries to your infra. If this is not possible, and you need to develop in the development servers inside your infra, would it be possible to use an HTTP proxy? Probably all connections needed can be done through HTTP.
And if this is also not possible, you can try to manually copy your files after running all steps till make create-metricset, once this step is done you can probably advance without external connections, but you may find some steps that may require to tweak Makefiles or manually do things that otherwise would be automated.

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Jaime, thank you very much for your information :slight_smile:

In that case I have to find a solution to my "connection" problems. Unfortunately, me company's security level is higher than standard and development is almost like PRD env :wink:

Just wanted to confirm if I have to do it outside of my work infra, and I know no I have to, so that answers my question :slight_smile:

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