Crop the value of date just to '29/03/2018' ignoring the time

Hi all

For a field in CSV "Time Closed" the value is '29/03/2018 09:29'

I need to crop the value just to '29/03/2018' ignoring the time

so how can i do this using the Date plugin

thanks in advance

I would do this using a mutate filter.

mutate { gsub => [ "somefield", "^([^ ]+) .*", "\1" ] }

thank you, but can you please elaborate on this

The regexp has two parts. The first is '^([^ ]+)', which matches the beginning of the line followed by multiple characters that are not space. This is wrapped in (), which causes the regexp processor to capture whatever the pattern matches (which is 29/03/2018). That's followed by ' .*' which is a single space followed by the rest of the line. The replacement string is '\1', which is a reference to the first capture group.

many thanks, will explore for more thanks again

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