CSV filter plugin and autodetect column names


I'm wondering if there is a way to parse one single CSV log using two distinct logstash conf files assuming each conf file would have a CSV filter plugin with autodetect_column_names set to true.

As I understand it, the option to autodetect column names drop the header event after reading it.
Therefore, I suppose this is why the second conf file never gets this event and I get values as column names.

Is there a way to keep this header event for the second configuration file or am I forced to not use a CSV filter in one of my conf files ?

Why would you want to parse the same CSV line twice? If they are running in the same pipeline then the second configuration file has access to all the fields that the first one parsed.

You're right thank you.
I just figured this out.
I come back to elk after more than a year without using it. It's a bit hard to get back to it.

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