CSV MalformedCSVError: Illegal quoting in line

I have used CSV filter to log the events
my sample data is

2021-12-09 12:12:09,155 INFO com.tdg.box.incrindex.service.PastEventProcessor [Thread-14] Captured Event	false	dbf5b71c-faa1-4e73-b8db-bf057002e3f5	UPLOAD	17472455835	Sumie Miyabayashi	smiyabayashi@alnylam.com	Thu Dec 09 12:09:08 IST 2021	file	893851594129	Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi 2022 Corporate Rate Offer.pdf	149199275152	私のBox Notes	17472455835	Sumie Miyabayashi	{"item_type":"file","item_id":"893851594129","item_name":"Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi 2022 Corporate Rate Offer.pdf","parent":{"type":"folder","name":"私のBox Notes","id":"149199275152"},"owned_by":{"type":"user","id":"17472455835","name":"Sumie Miyabayashi","login":"smiyabayashi@alnylam.com"}}

my config is
csv {
columns => ["msg","scope","event_id","event_type","creator_id","creator_name","creator_login","event_timestamp","item_type","item_id","item_name","parent_id","parent_name","owner_id","owner_name","event_json"]
separator => " "
skip_empty_columns => true

See this answer. The JSON is the problem.

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