CSV output file row separator


LS Version - 7.5
I am trying to get the data out using CSV output plugin,
I could see there is are separate rows for header and values on my system (centOS)
but when being pushed using curl X POST to another system, that file has only single row entry.

Here is my output config:

csv {
        dir_mode => 0750
        path => "/var/log/logstash/file_%{yyyyMMdd}.csv"
        fields => ["#serial-number","device-identification","created","value-data-count","manufacturer","version","device-type","access-number","status","signature",",storagenumber=0"]
        csv_options => {
                "col_sep" => ";"
                "write_headers" => true
                "headers" => ["#serial-number","device-identification","created","value-data-count","manufacturer","version","device-type","access-number","status","signature",",storagenumber=0"]

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