CSV Reader using LogStash. Unable to Read CSV

HI All,
I am trying to read CSV files and below is my logstash configuration. I am new to it hence I have just kept it simple as below.


Error I face after starting logstash is

You are missing a } to close the input {} section.

Thanks .. It was so silly of me.. I am sorry to bother you on such silly mistakes

HI Badger,
I have a CSV file which has RecordSeperator(\u0001E) as column separator within it PFB .

I tried to use gsub to replace "\u0001E" with "|||" and then use CSV filter as below, highlighted in Red braces but its not helping, any suggestion to do it in simple way ? please suggest

HI Badger,
Do you have any update for me please ? Any suggestions that may pave the way forward will help

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