Current transaction is empty - AspNetFullFramework

APM Agent language and version: ASP.Net Full Framework 1.1.2

I'm trying to integrate the Full Framework agent into .Net 4.6.2 Web application via the IHttpModule

 <add name="ElasticApmModule" type="Elastic.Apm.AspNetFullFramework.ElasticApmModule" preCondition="managedHandler"/>

The application is hosted in IIS and the requests we are making to the application are handled by Web API controllers.

Everything seems to be working perfectly until I try to start or capture a span from the current transaction for some custom backend/library requests/calls we are making from our application.

If the application is getting multiple requests it looks like the CurrentTransaction is null.

ITransaction transaction = Elastic.Apm.Agent.Tracer.CurrentTransaction;
// this returns null for some requests.

Have you seen any issues related to what I'm experiencing?

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HI @sgudjonsson - welcome to the forum!

Your issue might be related to this discussion although I am not sure what you mean by

Everything seems to be working perfectly

Do you mean that for your application, automatically captured transactions contain expected automatically captured spans (DB or outgoing HTTP calls)?

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