Custom Bundle - synonyms_path not working


I'm trying to upload custom bundles of synonym files to my cluster, and I've followed these instructions to a T.

I have a zip file with the structure

And index settings:
"index": {
"analysis": {
"filter": {
"state-synonym": {
"type": "synonym",
"synonyms_path": "state_synonyms.txt"
"analyzer": {
"state-synonym": {
"filter": ["state-synonym", "lowercase"],
"tokenizer": "edge_ngram"

But when I try to create an index template with those settings, I get 

[illegal_argument_exception] IOException while reading synonyms_path_path: /app/config/state_synonyms.txt

I've made sure that the custom plugin is enabled on my cluster, set it to "A bundle containing a dictionary or script" and even restarted the cluster to ensure it is loaded.

Can someone assist? Is there a specific path I need to use for my custom plugin?


Hi @acuitymd - Welcome to our community forums!

Is your cluster hosted on Elasticsearch Service or is it an on-prem cluster?

Hey Romain,

Thanks. Elasticsearch Service aka “Elastic Cloud”

Can you send to us the entire error message? I found a similar issue reported in this Discuss post. I am not sure if could be related or not - but it might be worth checking it.

Hi Romain,

That is the entire error message.

I'm not sure that other post is relevant, since it looks like it's being hosted locally on windows. I, as mentioned before, am using Elasticsearch Service.


@acuitymd - I was referring to the file extension part (mentioned in the Discuss topic shared earlier on). If there is no confidential information, would it be ok to share the ZIP file that you uploaded in your ESS deployment? If you could also send me a private message with the deployment ID - I might be able to look at some backend logs as well.

Thank you.

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