Custom Metric For Drilldown Documents

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{"BATCH_ID": "2021-08-19 08:27:16", "ENV":"DEV","TEST_CASE": "test_case2", "COMPARISON": "POL", "OLD_PURCHASE_ORDER_NUMBER": "ADDQYU5B", "NEW_PURCHASE_ORDER_NUMBER":"100018718", "OLD_OC_NUMBER":"U0056A", "NEW_OC_NUMBER":"GIMEDN", "SEQUENCE":"1000", "JSON_ATTRIBUTE":"transmissionStatus", "IS_MATCHED":"TRUE", "OLD_VALUE":"000000", "NEW_VALUE":"000000" }

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{"BATCH_ID": "2021-08-19 08:27:16", "ENV":"PROD","TEST_CASE": "test_case1", "COMPARISON": "POL", "OLD_PURCHASE_ORDER_NUMBER": "ADDQYU5B", "NEW_PURCHASE_ORDER_NUMBER":"100018718", "OLD_OC_NUMBER":"U0056A", "NEW_OC_NUMBER":"GIMEDN", "SEQUENCE":"1000", "JSON_ATTRIBUTE":"transmissionStatus", "IS_MATCHED":"FALSE", "OLD_VALUE":"", "NEW_VALUE":"654635" }

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{"BATCH_ID": "2021-08-19 08:27:16", "ENV":"PROD","TEST_CASE": "test_case3", "COMPARISON": "POL", "OLD_PURCHASE_ORDER_NUMBER": "ADDQYU5B", "NEW_PURCHASE_ORDER_NUMBER":"100018718", "OLD_OC_NUMBER":"U0056A", "NEW_OC_NUMBER":"GIMEDN", "SEQUENCE":"1000", "JSON_ATTRIBUTE":"transmissionStatus", "IS_MATCHED":"FALSE", "OLD_VALUE":"21341", "NEW_VALUE":"21341" }

////////////////////////////////////data set////////////////////////////////////

Im using ES v7.10.2 and I would like to get a custom metric(value) for below scenario.
As per above dataset I need to find whether a specific test case of a specific batch has atleast 1 IS_MATCHED = FALSE. If then to display "FAIL" or else to display "PASS".

Is it possible to do above scenario in this version?

Thank you

Filtering IS_MATCHED = FALSE within query clause and using multi-terms aggregation on TEST_CASE and BATCH_ID is enough for you? If the result of just single test case and batch id is necessary, use boolean query to filter documents match the all three condition and check doc_count. Sorry if I don't understand what you are doing.

Drilldown from Batch Id -> Test Case -> IS_MATCHED
and if IS_MATCHED = FALSE count is greater and equal to 1 need to display "FAIL" or else if the count is 0 then display "PASS"

If IS_MATCHED = TRUE percentage is 100% needs to display "PASS" else "FAIL"

Kind of achieved the percentage option, rather than showing the percentage is it possible to display like "PASS" or "FAIL". Used TSVB metric for visualization

Thank you for helping and replying

it is a problem of kibana?

I have no idea about exact panel with words.
How about Aggregation > Metric with background alert color as an alternative? It will help to recognize if FAILURE exists.

Now I realized that I missed your tag "Observability". The previous post was about Kibana's general Dashboard and I'm not sure it is posible in Observability.

I've been using kibana 7.10.2, not sure that kind of feature is available at that version

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