Custom Metrics in Kibana


I couldn't find much on the internet that explained this. I followed the Custom Metrics page in the Elastic tutorials for using custom metrics with micrometer, but I was a bit confused how to use them in Kibana. Currently I can search for them in Dev Tools and in APM, but they do not show up as metrics that can be visualized.

Is this not currently supported? Is there something I need to manually customize to set this up to make dashboards?

I came across this post from last year that made it sound like you need to manually do stuff for custom metrics: Custom metrics via APM Java agent Micrometer integration are missing


In my case APM metrics are saved under a different index pattern. I created a separate index pattern for the APM metrics:

Then you can search the index pattern to view them, or if you want to use the metrics screen, you can update the sources under settings:

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Awesome! That worked, thanks so much!

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