Custom TCP integration with TLS

Good day all.

I hope this is a simple question, but I've not been able to find any info. For the custom TCP integration that can be used when there's not an Elastic provided integration to use for data ingestion: does it also support TLS or just SSL?

I see in the actual integration there's a section for the SSL cert, but not TLS. Any info would greatly help.


The custom TCP integration in Elasticsearch supports both SSL and TLS.

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Hi @CodeMonky it is not exactly clear what you are asking, what it are you referring to?

Are you asking for logsash does the TCP Input Support TLS... Yes it does

Hey stephenb.

Sorry. I am referring to this:

Open the Advanced Settings and you will see a place to put all the SSL Settings

And as @yago82 Referred to this actually uses filebeat under the covers to the filebeat settings are the correct settings to apply

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