Custom values are not reflected during ECK helm chart install

I am trying to setup multi node Elasticsearch cluster, whatever the value i am passing in it's not getting reflected. This will loop finally and throws errors about PV or storageclass is not set.

Steps followed:

  1. Created No Provisioner storage class and named it as standard.
  2. Passing the values with VolumeTemplate, did not pick the values.
  3. Pass only the master node and data node, it does create PO/statefulset only.
    root@k8master1:/opt/install# k get pvc -n elastic
    elasticsearch-master-elasticsearch-master-0 Pending standard 20s
    elasticsearch-master-elasticsearch-master-1 Pending standard 20s
    elasticsearch-master-elasticsearch-master-2 Pending

Normal ExternalProvisioning 90s (x26 over 7m31s) persistentvolume-controller waiting for a volume to be created, either by external provisioner "" or manually created by system administrator

  1. I feel not enough documentation available to setup multi node kubernetes on ECK 2.6.1

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