Customize APM agent to monitor whichever application I want

Hi all,

I currenly have a server that runs 3 PHP application, and when I installed the PHP elastic agent extension without changing my PHP source code, its already automatically montiored all of my PHP app and sent the transaction info regarding to those 3 application to the APM server. And, that make sense to me, since extension is automacally started when the PHP runtime is running. But I only want to monitor 1 of my php applcation and disable the other 2.

I saw in the offical document there are 2 ways which can help me kind of achieve what I want, they are disable_send and transaction_ignore_urls , but both way need to set up in the elastic configuration file, which makes me have to restart my php-fpm process.

I wonder if there is a way to disable elastic apm agent on a per-application basis, like I can actually control if I want the agent send the transaction to APM server or not in my php source code.

Thank you

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