Customize dashboard [Filebeat Nginx] Overview ECS to point to fbeat-* instead of filebeat-* pattern

Dear experts,
could you please tell me the way to customize the amazing dashboards like Filebeat Nginx ECS ones to point to a different index pattern ?
By default, it looks like that these dashboards do collect data from filebeat-* pattern.
I would like to update it to fbeat-*.
Many thanks for your help.

I left a comprehensive answer here: Rename the index-pattern for sample visualizations - #2 by flash1293

"Approach 1" is what you need I think

Many thanks for your reply @flash1293 ... I succesfully applied approach #1
Should I consider that updating the kibana index pattern fbeat-* with custom pattern id filebeat-* will be kept either after kibana or filebeat application/server restart ?

It will be kept until you run filebeat setup --dashboards - this might override some parts of your custom config.

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