Customize fields.yml according to a specific module

Hello all,
Currently I`m trying configuring the metricbeat only for system basic data - such as: cpu, memory, disk usage etc....
I run the command: ./metricbeat modules list
and saw only the system module is enabled as I wanted.
However when accessing the elastic-search relevant pattern I noticed there are more than 1800 fields which are not relevant to the system module. I changed the fields.yml file and removed from it the keys which were not relevant,
now it includes the following keys - common, beat, cloud, docker, host, kubernetes, system. However when I access the elasticsearch, the number of fields still stay on more than 1800 fields. I will be grateful to get some help. Thanks.

Hi @testik, sorry for the late response. To my understanding, this is actually how metricbeat works by default, which loads all the fields into ES. Maybe you can try to specify setup.template.fields: "path/to/fields.yml" and setup.template.overwrite: true in metricbeat.yml to overwrite it. Please see for more details.

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