Customizes fields send by the APM


I'm trying to add fields about the thread to the default fields sent by the APM.

I want to know is it possible or not, if so how to do it ?

Thank you


Which agent do you use? In the Java agent it is possible to add any data using addTag:

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Thank you for your answer Wolfram,
At the moment i am trying to collect data about threads launched by an application deployed on jboss, do you have an idea how to proceed ?

The only way I know is:

  1. Include the apm-agent-api dependency to your application :
  2. In your code access the current transaction:
  3. Add your custom fields:

This might look like: ElasticApm.currentTransaction().addTag("isDaemon", Boolean.toString(Thread.currentThread().isDaemon()));

Hope this helps...

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