Data from Mysql JSON column to Elasticsearch

Hi there,
I checked Logstash reference and some tutorials about Mysql -> Logstash -> Elasticsearch data migration scenario, but I still have some questions to answer. (Mysql 5.7, Elasticsearch 5.4)
I have table "pre_build_content", which has column "content". This column is JSON type - it contains valid JSON data object. Is it possible to pass data from json column of Mysql table to Elasticsearch using Logstash (if yes, how) ?
Turorials and examples for Mysql->Logstash->Elastic scenarios use json codec, which transfers fetched data to json format - in my situation I already have json stored in DB.
Please, could you give me example of configuration file of logstash to fulfill my requirements ?
Thank you.

Use a json filter to deserialize the JSON string stored in one of the columns from the result set.

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