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I have setup up metricbeat with docker provider and autodiscover. It works really well when running it locally via docker-compose or swarm for local testing. I proceeded to deploy metricbeat to ecs and have it run on all backing EC2 instances and it is collecting metric data for "metricset.module=docker". I then proceeded to setup a rabbitmq and a logstash module to have it collect the proper metrics for those services. However, what I am seeing is

2018-06-21T18:34:01.116Z	DEBUG	[autodiscover]	autodiscover/autodiscover.go:140	Failed to create runner with config &{{<nil> } <nil> 0xc420435180}: 1 error: 2 errors: host parsing failed for logstash-node: error parsing URL: empty host; host parsing failed for logstash-node_stats: error parsing URL: empty host

it seems that ${} is returning an empty value. Some additional info;
Metricbeat version 6.3.0
ECS containers are using host networking and I have verified that from the metricbeat container I can curl to the logstash and rabbitmq containers.

Any suggestions?


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Hi @anhlon,

Autodiscover doesn't support host network as of 6.3.0, yesterday we merged a pull request that will bring it to 6.4.0:

In the meantime, you can probably use a default in case host is not defined. I think ${} should work.

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thanks, that worked!

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