Database connection

Good morning,

I have a database with differents instances but in the service map it shows according to the server, that is the same.

Is it possible define something to the connections according to server+instance? I think that could be useful.


Hi !

Which APM agent and database are you using ?

The feature might not be 100% identical depending on the platform, for example the Java APM agent does split the relational databases connection per database instance, however for NoSQL databases that's often more tricky and depends on the database.

We are using the DotNet agent and the database is a sqlServer. I attach a image :slight_smile:

After checking the changelogs, this should have been implemented in Improve db granularity by gregkalapos · Pull Request #1765 · elastic/apm-agent-dotnet · GitHub, which was merged a while ago.

Are you using the latest dotnet apm agent ? And if not could you try to upgrade to see if that makes a difference ?

Thanks @Sylvain_Juge !!

I have updated the packages and now appears the instance in the service map

Best regards!

Thanks for your update @Kirtash , I am really happy that solved your issue.

Given the large amount of services that use the same database here, would you mind sharing a screenshot of how that looks like now ? I am wondering if that's still usable with so many arrows.

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