Date field to be loaded as @timestamp

I would like to load certain data but, when trying to create vertical bar chart with date value on x-axis (date histogram), I am unable to use it.
The only field I can is @timestamp, and therefore would like to load it with a value from the source file.

I tried using:
filter {
mutate {
replace => { "@timestamp@ => "%{my_date}" }

but, I received an error. How could I achieve this?

To parse a date value from the input into the @timestamp field, use the date filter.

I just tried, but get lot of warnings, and it wasn't loaded.
What I did wrong?

filter {
date {
match => [ "my_date", "dd.MM.YYYY HH:mm:ss" ]
target => { "@timestamp" => "%{my_date}" }

warning was:

Failed parsing date from field {:field=>"my_date", :value=>"18.08.2016 12:24:37", :exception=>"undefined method `start_with?' for ["@timestamp", "%{my_date}"]:Array", :config_parsers=>"dd.MM.YYYY HH:mm:ss", :config_locale=>"default=en_US", :level=>:warn}

Remove the target parameter from the date filter block. It is incorrect (should be a string) and defaults to "@timestamp".

yes, it works now, tnx..

but, I'm not able to choose any field in Kibana (nor @timestamp, nor my_date) that would show me load graph