Date filter for logstash

Hi all,

We are able to parse the date in the log file using ISO8601 format.

But we are using the same format in date filter..

Not able to use the log date as logstash timestamp in kibana.

Log date format - 2018-02-16T16:34:59.906-05:30

Kindly some one tell me what exactly needs to use in date filter?


What does an example document look like? Copy/paste the raw JSON from Kibana's JSON tab.


Hi Magnus..

"_index": "logstash-Sample-ACC-2018.02.18",

"_type": "log",

"_id": "AWGe-HzBk5yJzwLFmFg1",

"_version": 1,

"_score": null,

"_source": {

"@timestamp": "2018-02-18T01:15:10.886Z",

"offset": 9425,

            "reqpayload": " "

"@version": "1",

"input_type": "log",

"beat": {

  "hostname": "EKL",

  "name": "EKL",

  "version": "5.5.1"


The value in the time stamp is based on file modification time..

But date in the log file is in below format.

sample log:

Request[2017-09-07T10:39:06.133+05:30] "


Not able to parse and use this date as a logstash timestamp

Kindly let me know the date filter to parse the log date?


Your example document doesn't contain any timestamp except @timestamp. What timestamp do you want to parse?


Now everything is working...I have started logstash with old conf file... Thanks a lot..

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