Date input filter failing intermittently after upgrade to 6.4

My scripts creates files daily which are sent from filebeat to logstash daily.
I have a date input filter in logstash which changes a field (tstamp) to date data type.
My logstash sends data to a newly created index in ES daily which has date appended in the end, e.g. (data_input_).

I have a dashboard which queries data based on an index pattern with a wild card instead of date, e.g. (data_input)*.

After upgrading to 6.4, daily data is coming but logstash date filter is not converting the data type of the field (tstamp) to date rather it keeps it as (string).
This causes mapper exception and the dashboard gets effected.

Once I delete the latest index (e.g. data_input_2018-10-16), dashboard comes up fine again and the mapper error goes away.

There are no errors in logstash as well.

Please help on this.

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