Date Parse Failure for dd-MMM-yy h:mm:ss a z

I've been scratching my head for hours trying to figure out why the following datetime format failed to be properly detected by date filter of logstash.

I have the following sample data from csv file:
09-Jul-16 10:00:00 PM SGT,64.2
09-Jul-16 10:15:00 PM SGT,64.3
09-Jul-16 10:30:00 PM SGT,63.9

I've used the following filter to separate the two column and after that try to use the first column to set the @timestamp:

csv {
      columns => ["datadate", "rh"]
      separator => ","

date {
      match => [ "datadate", "dd-MMM-yy h:mm:ss a z" ]

however, the date filter failed to match with _dateparsefailure in the indexed data. Can anybody point to me where did I make the mistakes?



The problem is the timezone part. All the rest is OK.

2 things to fix your problem :

  • replace 'z' by 'ZZZ' in your match pattern
  • SGT is unfortunately not recognized by joda time library. So I invite you to replace 'SGT' word by 'Singapore'. You can do that using mutate filter.

Thank you Fabien. I'll see how I can do a workaround using your suggestion then.

I should have checked this document earlier to save time :smiley:

You're welcome:)