Dead_letter_queue plugin issue

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I am currently having an issue with property sincedb_path. My logstash service is dockerized and when using this plugin I do not have to implicitly set the sincedb_path attribute because internally logstash will create the directory structure to house the sincedb files. Now for some reason the directory is created successfully but the db files are not created which means the offset is not written, so the dead letter queue file will get re-read from the beginning when the logstash service is restarted.

input {
dead_letter_queue {
path => "/opt/logstash/persistance/data/dead_letter_queue"
commit_offsets => true
output {
file {
path => "/app/platform/logstash/logs/dead_letter_queue.log"
codec => line {
format => "Metadata: %{[@metadata]} | Event: %{message} | Timestamp: %{[@timestamp]}"}

Any ideas?...

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Nevermind... :). I found it. command: ls -altr to see hidden files. duh!

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