Debug issue

Hi all,
I am running a docker containter of logstash - I am using logstash to send csv reports to elastic.
Part of the lines in the csv are not parsing well.
When I reading logstash log I can find the error but cannot find in which csv the error occurred.
For example

[2020-04-23T06:02:36,788][WARN ][logstash.filters.csv ] Error parsing csv {:field=>"message", :source=>"IMPORTANT NOTE: app store. L\",8476,\"\"\"2020-04-22T22:20:18.376Z,,,error,\"('', '', '', '', '')\",,,,,,,", :exception=>#<CSV::MalformedCSVError: Illegal quoting in line 1.>}

I want to research the content of the csv but don't know which csv cause that.

Thanks from head.

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