Debug logs explanation

Hi, Can someone help me understand what does the below logs mean? I enabled the debug log in my filebeat to check if logstash is acknowledging the messages in a timely manner and if filebeat proceeds only when logstash acknowledged the messages/batch sent? Thank you!

2021-06-20T23:20:32.182+0800	DEBUG	[publisher]	memqueue/ackloop.go:160	ackloop: receive ack [104875: 0, 382]
2021-06-20T23:20:32.183+0800	DEBUG	[publisher]	memqueue/eventloop.go:535	broker ACK events: count=382, start-seq=67319929, end-seq=67320310

2021-06-20T23:20:32.183+0800	DEBUG	[acker]	beater/acker.go:59	stateful ack	{"count": 382}
2021-06-20T23:20:32.183+0800	DEBUG	[publisher]	memqueue/ackloop.go:128	ackloop: return ack to broker loop:382
2021-06-20T23:20:32.183+0800	DEBUG	[publisher]	memqueue/ackloop.go:131	ackloop:  done send ack
2021-06-20T23:20:32.183+0800	DEBUG	[registrar]	registrar/registrar.go:264	Processing 382 events
2021-06-20T23:20:32.183+0800	DEBUG	[registrar]	registrar/registrar.go:231	Registrar state updates processed. Count: 382
2021-06-20T23:20:32.183+0800	DEBUG	[registrar]	registrar/registrar.go:201	Registry file updated. 2 active states.
2021-06-20T23:20:32.221+0800	DEBUG	[logstash]	logstash/async.go:172	348 events out of 348 events sent to logstash host Continue sending

This line identifies the number of events sent to the logstash output. Based on this, it appears filebeat is sending events to logstash successfully.

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